Some of what we do…

WordPress Management!

Are you a WordPress beginner, user, developer or expert?

Lets put heads together to learn & collaborate.

You want to blog like a pro?

I will have you blogging successfully & earning from it.

Idea Development!

Have a startup company or idea?
Talk to me.

I can help you think, build & achieve it!

I do more than that by the way,

i will support your vision and help you succeed.

Web Host/Social Media Mgmt!

Need to set up a new site? Looking for a change in webhost?

Need fully managed hosting? Not even sure where to start?

Having trouble using social media for business? Talk to me.

ICT Speaker/Trainer!

Need a speaker to talk about using ICT for self empowerment?

Or you would like to adopt ICT to boost your business productivity?

Call me now.

Group for Tech Insights

Join my free online community with other ambitious individuals & entrepreneurs who are keen on being updated in tech affairs. We have fun, make an impact – and make MONEY doing it!


Who am I?

A Mom of One. A Daughter. A Friend. A Freelancer for over 15 Years. First degree in Philosophy, Postgraduate Diploma in Mass Communication, a Masters Degree in Knowledge Management & a Self-Taught Advanced Degree in WordPress Site Development. A Music Lover. A Volunteer Freak. A B-Ball Player in my Imaginations. A Movie Fanatic. An Art Lover. A Tech Geek. An Extrovert or Introvert, You Decide! A Cupcake/Chocolate Lover. An Expert Googler. A problem solver. A Teacher. A Blogger. An Ijebu Girl. Proudly Nigerian. Proudly African. Funny. Loyal. Unshakable. Confident under pressure.