About Me 

I am a Tech Consultant/Blogger and WordPress Enthusiast. I am also the: Co-organizer for Lagos WordPress Meetup Group. -Co-Founder, https://BloggingNigeria.Org – Personal blogger @ https://maryjob.wordpress.com

I have worked in the hospitality, automobile and agricultural industry before deciding to re-focus my business on what i love best, which is being Online. I have an educational background that lies between Philosophy, Mass Communication and Knowledge Management.

I am currently looking at a PhD programme in digital society technologies so if you would like us to co-publish a paper, contact me please. I have a number of interests, all connected to using ICT for Social Change and personal development. I enjoy diversity and i love to travel and experience different cultures. 

I volunteer with the Salesians of Don Bosco by partaking in workshops and training on new media technologies and a number of other non-governmental organizations, visit my speaking and volunteer engagement page here. Journeying with the young, ‘Youth Resource Development’ is their focus through education and evangelization. They believe that a total dedication to the young is their best gift to humanity.  You too can join the movement by making a donation or volunteering your time on a project, click here.

If you have tech-related questions, get them ready. I am the lady to ask.

Want to know more about me? I am A Mom of One. A Daughter. A Friend. A Freelancer for over 15 Years. First degree in Philosophy, Postgraduate Diploma in Mass Communication, a Masters Degree in Knowledge Management & a Self-Taught Degree in WordPress Site Development. A Music Lover. A Volunteer Freak. A B-Ball Player in my Imaginations. A Movie Fanatic. An Art Lover. A Tech Geek. An Extrovert or Introvert, You Decide! A Cupcake/Chocolate Lover. An Expert Googler. A problem solver. A Teacher. A Blogger. An Ijebu Girl. Proudly Nigerian. Proudly African. Funny. Loyal. Unshakable. Confident under pressure.

Me in a Nutshell

15 Years of Blogging & Freelance Writing

MITx Entrepreneurship Certified

100+ WordPress Themes Customized

200+ Plugins Successfully Installed

Successful & Impact-ful Youth-Speaking Engagements

Over 10 Successful Individuals Mentored Over the Last Few Years and More in the Making.

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