Blogging is a Profession: I will show you how a blog will help you get more business and profit!

Do you know what blogging really is? Would you like to blog for profit? Would you like to attract more business in your field by blogging? Or do you know someone who can greatly benefit by successfully blogging for profit? Read on! Don’t forget to share with your network after you have signed up.

My name is Mary Job and I am a pro-blogger. My goal is to help you build your blogging business and keep you informed about what you need to know to be a successful blogger online. I used to be a blogging newbie too back in 2008. I just jumped right in, no mentor, no lessons and I thought the traffic would just roll in, was I disappointed? YES. I knew less than nothing about blogging. In fact it was only the week before had learnt what a blog was.

Prior to that, i had been into freelance writing for over 10 years, so one day I thought, what’s stopping me from owning a blog? Right away I registered on hubpages, I published about 3 hubs and guess what, I think it got just one or two readership; I shared and shared, all to no avail. I decided to move to BlogSpot, I spent 3 years there, but still the same story. What was I doing wrong? Am I not writing about what people should read? I would ask myself. In late 2015, I realized I had been going about blogging the wrong way. So I decided again to try a new platform and a new approach to blogging.

And guess what; I went from 5 to 400 followers in less than 3 months, not to mention my traffic shot up from 20 to 5000 within that time-frame. Now I know a ton about them, and my blog is doing pretty well for one without a niche, you can check it out yourself here: – I receive more than 100,000 unique visitors per month which makes me consider myself someone you could listen to and learn from when it comes to building your own blog. I’m not some sort of Guru, but I certainly do know the basics.

If you are new to blogging, or you are still a newbie, don’t fret because I got you covered, I am offering you all the information & resources you need to become a professional blogger for profit. You too will become a professional blogger in less than one month, and guess what? You also get;

  • Free domain name registration of your choice.
  • Free hosting for your blog.
  • Free installation, setup and customizing for your blog on WordPress.
  • Free training on how to use WordPress; the best content management system on the web today.
  • Free SEO training – learn how your posts can attract engagement and conversion instantly.
  • Free support for a lifetime & access to useful resources for blogging & WordPress.
  • Exclusive access to my Facebook Group for ever.

Your personalized training starts immediately you register, upon payment you have up to six modes of communication to select your preferred one from, afterwards we will start from module 1 to 9. 

  1. Idea Stage – how to pick a profitable blog niche and attractive name for your blog.
  2. Blog Creation Stage – I got you covered
  3. How to customize your blog – including a hand over guide
  4. Creating your first content – and your graphics
  5. Publicizing & Promoting your blog – sharing to social media
  6. Building up your audience. How to get free & paid traffic for your blog
  7. SEO training – how to use keywords and tags
  8. Monetizing your blog – proven strategies that will earn you money
  9. Building your Email list (last but not the least but very important, as a matter of fact, this should be number one, but once you understand all the above modules, this will come as easy as a pie)

What are you still waiting for? Sign up now!

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