Ask Mary Job right now..

Hmmm, great question. Let us see some areas in which technology is used?

  • Use of Technology in Business

Oh this is a 100% for me because my business is 100% online, delivery of my products and services are also handled mostly online, and offline when time permits.

  • The Use of technology in communication

Am afraid this is almost a 100% for me as well, virtual communication has taken over my personal and business life, so except you are sitting right in front of me of course, otherwise virtual rules!

  • Use of technology in human relationships

Errrrrr, how do i rate this, i am a shy one so i communicate better virtually than physically but this has helped me tremendously in keeping relationships interesting with friends, family and networks outside of my geographical reach.

  • Use of technology in education

I use this a 100%, constantly new things online, updating myself with the latest trends applicable to my life and business, am also taking some courses online, and i have some virtual students as well, i have a e-learning website as well, click here.

  • Use of technology in purchasing

I would rather pay with POS than pay with cash, if i had my way, i would pay for bottle water of 50naira, that is about 10cents, with a POS machine..Hahahaha.

  • The Use of technology in agriculture

The last and first time i reared chickens, i got all my tips online than from the VET doctor who was hardly ever available and kept promising to send someone over to come vaccinate my birds, but never showed. I want to clear a farmland soon, and i am surely using a tractor.

  • Use of technology in banking

Let us just say i use this 1000%

  • Use of technology to control and harness natural forces

My smartphone alerts me when Rain is coming, or when the Sun temperature is unhealthy on my skin, so yea i use technology here too.

  • Use of technology in transportation

Who else buys flight tickets online? bus tickets? etc.

Tell me, how do you use technology? Or in what area of your life do you need to use technology but do not know how? Am listening…

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