Working with me is a little different from other consultants or full-service firms because:

1.     I listen to your current frustrations and needs. I don’t need the geek-speak version — what I need is the rundown of where you want to be and what you have tried in the past.

2.     I assess your comfort with technology and your level of DIY-ness. It doesn’t matter if you are completely techno-phobic and want it all done for you, or you are tech-savvy and you would like to be really involved in the process. What does matter is that I know where you are on the scale so I can create a solution that will work for you.

3.     I look at your current assets. From graphics and websites to mailing list software and payment processors, I need to know what we are starting with.

4.     I get a feel for your organization. Some of my clients have an entire team of marketing people, artists, business managers, branding experts and VAs at their disposal; others have only themselves. Whatever you have to work with, we can make it happen.

5.     I create a plan made for you. I create a bridge of technology that will help you to cross the gap between where you are and where you want to be — while allowing you to be involved in the implementation as much (or as little!) as you would like.

Send Me A Message Now….Let’s Get Started

If you are interested in working with me, here are some other things that may be helpful to know:

  • I do a lot of back-end overhauls for ugly sites with terrible code. My average one-time project costs from $800 upwards and uses some elements of existing assets.
  • My average quick fix costs upwards from $300 and includes some instruction to maintain.
  • I have worked with some clients for 5+ years. My average recurring client spends about $300 quarterly with me for ongoing work — but some just come back on an as-needed basis.
  • My hourly rate is $50 but that really doesn’t mean much if you don’t know how many hours your project will take, so I would be happy to give you an estimate!
  • I specialize in integrations and helping various systems talk to each other. For example, I can make WordPress, WishList Member, and Aweber play nicely together, or WordPress, Paystack and Infusionsoft.
  • I often surprise clients with innovative solutions that cost much less than they expected.
  • I take pride in making sites that are easy for the owner or a virtual assistant to manage without technical knowledge.
  • I don’t specialize in any one theme or framework, so I can work with whatever you have. Headway, Elegant Themes (Divi), WooThemes, OptimizePress and more — I can make it work.
  • I am a designer — not a VA. However if you need a graphic artist for a completely custom design, I can work with yours, or recommend one. If you need someone to make all your blog posts or send out your newsletters, I can point you in the direction of a reliable and affordable virtual assistant.
  • If you have an existing support team, I can help you set up your tech systems properly in the beginning and then train your staff on using them — which often helps you avoid headaches and financial stresses in the future.
  • I am a good listener when you are frustrated with your tech, plus I love puzzles and problem-solving, so I am great at finding solutions for the projects other people won’t take on.

Some Sites I have Worked On…

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