“If you think you are good, try and get someone else to be as good as you!” – Achim Munene

I found that quote recently on Achim’s Blog and it echoed my thoughts as to why i love to share my knowledge by writing, speaking and teaching. No doubt it is not easy to get someone as good as one is but it does bring a lot of joy and satisfaction to my soul knowing someone else is on their way to being the best and i am there to help in all ways i can. Asides from being a WordPress Community co-organizer, I have spoken at quite a number of events ranging from university seminars/workshops to business meetings, conferences, and secondary schools.

I am experienced and available to speak on the following topics:

  • Community Development
  • Brand Awareness using Social Media
  • Jobs and Entrepreneurship using Information, Communication and Technology
  • ICT Learning and Development for Beginners`, Intermediate and Advanced Users
  • Communication and New Media Technologies
  • Ethics in ICT
  • Time/Organizational Management using Productivity Tech Tools
  • WordPress and Open Source Technologies (How they work and thrive)
  • Corporate and Personal Blogging
  • Web Designing & Development using WordPress
  • Self Education and Technology in Africa: How schools can encourage creativity

Past-Current-Future Speaking Engagements